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Wild Bird Feeds & Feeders

With our ever changing landscape, birds can find it hard to find a good reliable source of food. Even more so through the winter months and the start of spring when birds are getting ready for nesting. 

Not sure what that bird was in your garden? We know just the tool for you, try the RSPB bird identifer here 

Many of our wild bird feeds are available in handy bags and our ever popular buckets. Don't forget to bring your bucket back for a refill and we'll give you 50p off for reusing. All our packaging is recyclable in paper bags.

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Wild Duck Food
Floating wild duck food
Wild Bird No Mess
No grow crushed seed for wild birds
Wild Finch Mix
Finch mix
Wild Bird Fat Balls without nets
A good source of energy through out the year
Wild Bird Insect Suet Pellets
Suet is a very high energy food source for wild birds.
In House Wild Bird Feed
A wide mix of seeds loved by nearly all common garden birds.
Simply Wild Bird Feed
Our standard mix of seeds & nuts which the majority of wild birds will love to feed on.
Wild Bird Feed Peanuts
Peanuts are a very popular feed for wild birds all year round.
Wild Bird Feed Sunflower Hearts
Finches love Sunflower Hearts, An excellent energy source for all wild birds.
Garden Bird Feast
Our most popular wild bird feed, this mix will help to attract Song birds and Robins in to your garden.
Wild Bird Nyjer Seed
Nyjer seed is closely related to Sunflower seeds both of which are essential for wild birds health.
Wild Bird Berry Suet Pellets
High energy food source for wild birds and is essential for them in the cold winter months.
Suet Log Feeder
Suet to go Suet log feeder
Suet to Go Logs
Suet to go feed logs
Dried Meal Worms
A particular favorite of the Robin, perfect for taking back to the nest to feed fledglings.
Peckish Ground Feeder Tray
Ground feeding tray for wild birds
Peckish Secret Garden Energy Ball Feeder
A durable bird feeder that holds 4 energy balls
Peckish Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder
A decorative, durable feeder for niger seed
Peckish Secret Garden Peanut Feeder
A hard-wearing metal peanut feeder for birds
Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder
A durable seed feeder holding 470g
Peckish Secret Garden Volume Seed Feeder
Strong, easy to clean 740g seed feeder