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Whatton Apiaries Runny Honey

Runny honey produced locally on Whatton Estate
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    Whatton Apiaries

    A unique product brought from flower to jar largely within the confines of the Whatton Estate. A truly Artisan local product.

    Summer season honey is from the late season crop taken as Summer flowers lose their blooms during August.
    Late season honey in the Midlands is a mixture of Lime Blackberry, Hawthorn, Broom, field beans, borage and the many garden flowers. The nectars from Summer flowers have a lower proportion of  glucose which lends the tendency for the honey to remain in a liquid state for longer. All natural unpasteurised honey, which is not subject to any heat process, will eventually crystallise or granulate. This is an entirely natural process which occurs in all artisan honeys.
    The late crop in the East Midlands can range from a light and delicately flavoured honey from bean, lime and borage nectars, to darker thicker and heavily flavoured honey from Hawthorn Blackberry and Ivy.

    Here is a great recipe by Kath for Whatton Honey Cake

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