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Purveyors of the finest local goods Est 2009

The Bittersweet Chocolate Co.

High quality handmade chocolates flavoured with organic essential oils
'You will love Thingy Me Jigs'

The Bittersweet Chocolate Company Soar Berry ThingMeJigs
Finally the ThingyMeJig is defined.  What is it? 
Well, it's a perfectly sized piece of deliciously flavoured chocolate; too big to be a button and too small to be a slab or a bar.
It is a...... ThingyMeJig!"
 Diamond Award 2014Great Taste Gold Award
Choose any 3 Bittersweet Chocolates for ¬£12 
'Go on treat yourself!'

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Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Almond Thingy MeJigs
Dark Chocolate with a hint of Bakewell Tart
Milk Chocolate Soar Berry Thingy MeJigs
Rich milk chocolate decorated with Blackberry & Elderberry Crunch
Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb
Milk, Dark or Salted Caramel milk chocolate coated handmade crunchy honeycomb
Dark Chocolate Chilli & Lime Thingy MeJigs
Chilli and Lime Dark Chocolates
Dark Chocolate Lavender Thingy MeJigs
Lavender Chocolates
Dark Chocolate Lemon Pepper Thingy MeJigs
Uniquely delicious dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Thingy MeJigs
Fresh peppermint dark chocolates
Geranium Rose Thingy MeJigs
Milk chocolate with a hint of Geranium Rose
Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Thingy MeJigs
A must-try Limited Edition Winter flavour
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Thingy MeJigs
A delicious milk chocolate with a nutty crunch
Milk Chocolate Lime & Sea Salt Thingy MeJigs
More-ish milk chocolates
Milk Chocolate Orange Thingy Me Jigs
Smooth milk chocolate blended with organic orange oil
Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Thingy Me Jigs
Delicious milk chocolate infused with the smooth taste of caramel and a hint of sea salt.