Proteas Soapery Candles & Soaps

Louise lives in the village of Hathern Leicestershire, just along the A6 from Kegworth, Debyshire.  When we discovered her products we fell in love with them, and we knew you our customer would too.  Here's a message from Louise:

'As a lover of natural skin products I like to know what I put on my skin everyday. So many years ago I decided to start bubbling up my own soap whilst also letting me unleash some creativity. Once I started the rest was history I was addicted. I wanted to create soap that was nourishing,cleansing free from harsh chemicals but also looked good enough to give as a gift or display in your home. As well as my soaps I also pour my own candles using only Soy wax. Giving your home the perfect ambiance using beautiful scents.  All my products are vegan friendly and free from any palm oils. I hope you enjoy x'

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