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Purveyors of the finest local goods Est 2009


Based in Nottingham, LetterJoy is a Wife & Husband team making hand crafted gifts using local dialect and sayings.
Those phrases famous to Nottingham / Derby area such as " Ayup miduck" and "Intit code".  Handily there are dictionary explanations for the sayings too!
China mugs, Tea towels and Cushions are part of the range you would love in your own home, or delight a friend / loved one with a unique gift. 

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LetterJoy Aya Mashin Mugs
Aya Mashin? saying on a China mug
LetterJoy Mardy Bum China Mug
Mardy Bum! China mug
LetterJoy Aya Nesh Mugs
Aya Nesh saying on a China mug
LetterJoy Ayup Miduck Mugs
Ayup Miduck local dialect mug
LetterJoy Local Dialect Mugs
Local dialect mugs
LetterJoy Cotton Cushions
Dialect or Design cushion
LetterJoy Extra Small Plaque
Extra small, hanging wooden dialect plaque
LetterJoy Large Plaque
Large wooden local dialect plaques
LetterJoy Medium Plaque
Medium wooden plaque with local Nottingham / Derby dialect
LetterJoy Small Plaque
Small wooden local dialect plaques
LetterJoy Tea Towel
Local dialect tea towel
LetterJoy Tote Bag
Tote Bag with local dialect
LetterJoy Ayup Miduck! Key Chain
Chic Key ring chain
LetterJoy Intit Lovleh! Key Chain
Loveleh Key ring chains
LetterJoy Wooden Clock
Handmade Local Dialect Wooden Clock