Dengie Horse Feeds

Fibre is vital for the healthy function of your horse or pony's digestive system and satisfies their need to chew - it's what they're meant to eat!

The Dengie Alfa-A range of fibre feeds is ideal for building topline, fuelling working horses and ponies, or for those that require extra condition.

Dengie also have their Hi-Fi products which include alfalfa blended with other fibres, such as high-quality, soft straw or high temperature dried grass.  The Hi-Fi range provides less energy than the Alfa-A range, making them perfect for those that are in light work, at rest and good doers.

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 We have a fresh horse feed delivery every Friday during the Autumn and Winter, every two weeks in Summer.
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  • Dengie Alfa A Lite

    Dengie Alfa A Lite

    *Special Order* ALFA-A LITE is the fibre feed for working horses and ponies who need a lower sugar feed.
  • Dengie Alfa A Oil

    Dengie Alfa A Oil

    ALFA-A Oil is the ultimate pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling hard work.
  • Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

    Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

    *Special Order* Hi-Fi Lite is approved by The Laminitis Trust.
  • Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free

    Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free

    *Special Order* Suitable for horses that require a low sugar and starch ration, such as those prone to laminitis that maintain weight with ease.