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Chickens and Poultry

British Hen Welfre Trust

Here at Soar Trading Co we love chickens!  Happy Hens keep us in supply of lovely fresh eggs great for making cakes, and who doesn't like a nice slice of cake with a cuppa?!
ere are some of our favourite tried and tested cake 
recipes We love cake!

Good quality protein rich feeds, clean fresh water, access to grit and a warm house to roost in will go a long way towards having happy hens.  For advice on raising your chickens, check out our pinterest board "chickens galore"

During Covid - 19 animal foods are available for Click & Collect. Collections will be available every Thursday.

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Heygates Country Layers Pellets
A complete meal for poultry in a 20kg bag
Haygates Mixed Poultry Corn
Clean and dust free mixed corn that contains locally sourced British wheat
Verm X Range Layers Pellets
Our ever popular Chicken feed with the added benefit of Verm-X supplement.
Crushed Oyster Shell 1.5Kg
Provides chickens with a source of soluble calcium for strong shells.
Dengie Fresh Bed
Keeps your hens feeling warm and cosy.
Flint Chick Grit 1.5Kg
Flint grit for Chickens
Johnsons Poultry Housing Spray
Get rid of those little nasties.
Nettex Total Mite Kill Powder
Effective and natural mite control powder
Pillow Wad Woodshavings
Natural dust extracted animal bedding